Substance use disorder prevention website resources.

Local/Regional/State Sites

Kent County Prevention Coalition (KCPC)

The mission is to build a healthier community by preventing and reducing harmful substance use behaviors in Kent County, with a major focus on youth.

Comprised of 25 member organizations representing 12 core sectors – youth under 18, parents, businesses, media, schools/universities, youth-serving organizations, law enforcement, religious/fraternal organizations, civic/volunteer organizations, healthcare, and government

The Kent County Prevention Coalition has launched the “first” one-stop resource site for youth in Kent County.  Check out the “Need Help” section of the site.

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Ottawa Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (OSAP)

A group of community members, human service professionals, businesses, law enforcement, government officials, schools and school personnel who are working together to create change regarding youth substance use.

Advocates for a community that supports and encourages substance free youth.

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Coalition for a Drug Free Muskegon County

A group of community organizations working together to reduce substance abuse.

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Mason County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (M-SAPC)

Comprised of community leaders, administrators, and advocates from 30+ area agencies, representing 12 sectors of the community.

Mission: “Work together to achieve a reduction in substance abuse, by increasing understanding, ensuring treatment services, and supporting our families and community.”

For more information or to get involved, contact Katie Miller at:

Oceana County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition

A collaborative group of community leaders and stakeholders established in April 2016 who are passionate about achieving a measurable reduction in youth drug and alcohol use

The coalition empowers our community to engage in effective, local, data-driven strategies to reduce and prevent youth and young adult drug and alcohol use

For more information, contact Kortni Evans at:

Talk Sooner

A resource for parents to access information about substance use prevention.

Provides a variety of information and resources to make the conversation easier: drug facts, trends, and information, signs to watch for if there are concerns about youth use and tips for how to talk to youth about this complicated topic.

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RethinkDrinks Campaign

An effort to prevent adult heavy drinking in Kent County utilizing a multi-year, multi-media awareness campaign.

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West Michigan Take Back Meds

Proper management of unwanted medications in the West Michigan region.

A joint effort between local pharmacies, law enforcement, wastewater treatment facilities, and government agencies to provide residents with safe, convenient access to proper medicine disposal.

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Families Against Narcotics

Has chapters across Michigan with the purpose to raise awareness to the dangers of prescription narcotics, support those affected by narcotic addiction, and erase the stigma of addiction.

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Michigan Prevention Association

Marijuana infographics available for parents, teens, doctors, educators, and lawmakers and law enforcement.

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Above the Influence-Kent County

ATI-Kent County informs and inspires teens to reject illicit drugs via TV, print, Internet, and local radio advertising.  Most importantly, in partnership with schools, community organizations, and faith communities, Above the influence is about:

  • Peer to Peer learning and empowerment
  • Positive lifestyle choices
  • Creating healthy youth decision-making tools
  • Community mobilization via youth

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National Sites

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

Committed to helping families struggling with their son’s or daughter’s substance use

Information provided to empower families and advocate for greater understanding and more effective addiction treatment programs

Parent Toolkits –

Guides & Resources –

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National Institute on Drug Abuse

Link to fact sheets and other information on common drugs of abuse.

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Get Smart About Drugs

A Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) resource for parents, educators, and caregivers.

Gives detailed information on many different types of drugs, includes drug trends, and the consequences of use on the user and family.

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National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

This section contains easy-to-read material for the public covering a wide range of alcohol-related topics. Publications listed below are online full text and free of charge unless otherwise noted.

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Talk. They Hear You.

Empowers parents and caregivers to talk with children early about alcohol and includes resources to help start the conversation.

Created by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

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Too Smart to Start

Materials on the site are designed to educate youth about the harms of alcohol use and to support parents and caregivers as they participate in their children’s activities.

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Talking with Your College-Bound Young Adult about Alcohol

Emphasizes the continuing influence parents have over alcohol use decisions of their older children and offers tips on when and how to have a conversation about alcohol.

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The Medicine Abuse Project

Provides comprehensive resources for parents and caregivers, law enforcement officials, health care providers, educators, and others so that everyone can take a stand and help end medicine abuse.

Includes information about the prevention of prescription drug abuse, painkiller addiction, and over-the-counter (OTC) medicine abuse.

Provides information about how to dispose of medicine and how to safeguard the medicine in your home, as well as lists medicine abuse facts and includes comprehensive information about the most abused prescription drugs.

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Opioids: The Prescription Drug & Heroin Overdose Epidemic

Created by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

Provides information about the epidemic, prevention, recovery and treatment, and overdose response.

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Smart Approaches to Marijuana

An alliance of organizations and individuals dedicated to a health-first approach to marijuana policy.

Educates citizens on the science of marijuana and promotes health-first, smart policies and attitudes that decrease marijuana use and its consequences.

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Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

Works to reduce tobacco use and its deadly toll in the United States and around the world by advocating for public policies proven to prevent kids from smoking, help smokers quit and protect everyone from secondhand smoke.

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Parent Further

  • A resource of Search Institute, a nonprofit research and development organization based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and based on the Search Institute’s framework of developmental relationships
  • An information and educational site designed to enrich family life and support positive parenting

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Youth Focused Sites

NIDA for Teens

A project of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Created for middle and high school students and their teachers, this website provides accurate and timely information for use in and out of the classroom.

Organized to offer students a range of educational experiences as they learn facts about drugs and neuroscience, and to support educators and parents as they facilitate student learning.

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The Cool Spot

Created for kids 11-13 years old by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA).

Content is based on a curriculum for grades 6-8 developed by the University of Michigan; the curriculum was created for the Alcohol Misuse Prevention Study (AMPS), a large-scale project supported by NIAAA.

Goals of the AMPS were to give young teens a clearer picture about alcohol use among their peers, help kids learn skills to resist pressure to drink and to give them reasons not to drink.

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Just Think Twice

Gives detailed information on many different types of drugs, includes drug trends, and the consequences of use on the user and family.

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Above the Influence

A program of the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, this site offers drug facts, quizzes and other information aimed at teens.

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Natural High

A national organization inspiring youth to discover, amplify and pursue their natural high so they have a reason to say no to drugs and alcohol.

Join with drug-free celebrity role models who share their stories about growing up and the choices they made to achieve their dreams; the video interviews are paired with worksheets and discussion guides for educators to spark meaningful conversations with students about their goals, values, role models, support networks and natural highs.

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PSAS and Videos

Fried Egg 2016

From the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids.

A new take on the 1980s public service announcement to include some of the challenging questions today’s youth might ask.

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Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict

A 45 minute documentary from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) aimed at educating students and young adults about the dangers of addiction particularly prescription drug and heroin addiction (the video does contain strong language and graphics – viewer discretion is advised)

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